Tea Interval Art

No one has any time. We’re all pressed. I imagine even those artist working at a professional level would agree. Minutes slip by, unnoticed, until you look up and weeks have drifted across your life, like so many clouds on a windy day.

So how can we manage to create when time is so slippery? The answer: find the cracks in your day and exploit them.

You have to steal art, one speck at a time. Cobble it together.

My mind is constantly mulling over ideas for different projects. I keep paper notepads everywhere. Any free moment, when inspiration strikes, I’m ready. Sometimes the idea is scrawl, but it’s there. 

Later, when I have ten minutes, I transcribe these notes into digital files. Technology is there to help us. I keep most of my important writing files on the cloud so I can jot down notes anytime. I’ve even worked out the plot to the novel while in line at the grocery store. 

Keep yourself organized and look for time to open up. Never waste an opportunity. I keep all my writing in one box (a sort of writing briefcase) and tote it around the house. I’ve raised a child and had to cope with mounds of schoolwork and grading. So I know, when I have a window of time, I snatch it and get to work.

All my art supplies fit neatly into draws by my desk, but that’s not always the place I can create. A new puppy finds my office a bore. So I often collect up my supplies and relocate downstairs, where I can play with the pup of an on. And you guessed it, when the time it right, I’m ready to create. 

One of my best tricks comes with making tea. With the heating, brewing and milk foam I use, the total process takes about fifteen minutes. The perfect amount to time to bang out one of these blog posts. 

So I yes, tea is brewing and I am creating. Afterward, other duties or errands will catch my attention, but ‘m ever vigilant for the next opportunity.

Carve out your creations from the rock of time. 

Tim Kane

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