The Knock-Knock Approach: How Joke Structure Helps with Fiction Story Plotting

Writing a compelling and engaging story is a lot like telling a joke. Just as a joke follows a certain format, so does a story within a specific genre. Whether you’re penning a mystery, a romance, or a thriller, each genre comes with its own set of expectations, much like the setup, narrative, and punchline of a joke. Use genre expectations to add obligatory scenes that readers expect. This will boost your fiction story plotting and lead to a more satisfying and captivating reading experience.

Creativity is Chemistry: Ideas are Easy to Discover but Hard to Combine

If you’re a writer, then you’ve faced this question before: “Where do you get your ideas?” Well, the idea part is easy. They pop up all the time. Ideas are like atoms, easy to discover and there are only so many to choose from. It’s how you combine these ideas that matters. Creativity is chemistry, constantly rehashing the same core concepts to create something new.