Narrative Elixir: Using Alchemical Humors in Creating Characters

Fellow writers, breathe life into your characters using alchemical wisdom. The four humors of alchemy offer a fascinating framework for creating characters imbued with diverse and nuanced personality types.

The Sanguine Spirit (Air Element)

Meet the vibrant Sanguine, akin to the element of air—buoyant, enthusiastic, and forever optimistic. Craft characters brimming with exuberance and an insatiable thirst for adventure. They dance through life with unbridled joy, leaving a trail of positivity in their wake.

The Phlegmatic Philosopher (Water Element)

Enter the tranquil realm of the Phlegmatic, reflecting the water element—calm, introspective, and possessing profound wisdom. Weave characters that navigate life’s currents with grace, offering solace and thoughtful insights to those around them.

The Melancholic Alchemist (Earth Element)

Embrace the introspective Melancholic, mirroring the element of earth—deeply reflective, analytical, and in touch with the mysteries of existence. Craft characters on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the depths of their souls and the world around them.

The Choleric Flame (Fire Element)

Engage with the fiery Choleric, embodying the element of fire—passionate, ambitious, and possessing an unyielding spirit. Create characters whose fervor ignites the world, leaving an indelible mark on their path to greatness.

Narrative Elixir

A character need not be confined to a single humor. Blend these alchemical essences to craft complex personalities—perhaps a Sanguine heart with a Melancholic mind, or a Phlegmatic demeanor with a spark of Choleric determination.

Let the humors become the elixir that drives your character’s journey. Their interactions, growth, and conflicts should stem from their alchemical essence, guiding the narrative towards an alchemical transmutation of the self.

Conflict and Resolution

Want to amp up conflict in your story? Cast characters with contrasting humors. How they navigate these conflicts, whether through understanding or opposition, can drive the plot forward. 

Tailor character dialogues and expressions based on their humor. A Sanguine character might paint conversations with vibrant hues, while a Melancholic soul may adorn them with shades of introspection.


Happy writing, dear wordsmiths! May your characters be as complex and rich as the ancient alchemist’s elixirs.

Tim Kane

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